Young Dolph In Critical Condition After Being Shot In L.A., Yo Gotti Named As Person Of Interest

Memphis rapper Young Dolph was shot multiple times in Hollywood while standing outside of The Shoe Palace at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland. The gun shot wounds which were originally said to be non life threatening are now said to the be exact opposite. As of 8:49 EST the Memphis rapper’s condition is said to have down graded and he’s now in critical condition.

At the moment police have no idea how many shooters were firing during the shooting. Though, another Memphis rapper Yo Gotti has been named as a person of interest according to authorities. TMZ reported that the two rappers were staying at the same hotel (Loews Hotel) in Hollywood on Tuesday (Sep. 26) when their entourages would get into an altercation over a disagreement.

Police say the fight would lead to a scuffle in which Young Dolph would be knocked to the ground. During the altercation someone would pull a hand gun and start firing at the rapper.

Police have detained one person though they aren’t sure if they’re the shooter at the moment.

The two Memphis rappers have engaged in a highly publicized rap beef. In February Young Dolph would escape 100 shots in Charlotte thanks to his bulletproof truck. He would follow up the incident taunting his adversaries releasing a project tiled Bulletproof.