Young Dolph Is Prepping To Release His Next Project “Bullet Proof” (Video)

By now I’m sure you know about Young Dolph’s incident in Charlotte, North Carolina when he his vehicle was shot at over 100 times. Though, Dolph would escape the near death incident due to his truck being bullet proof. Now after being asked about the shooting by multiple publications it seems Dolph is looking to capitalized off the incident. He took to Instagram to release a video trailer for his next project which will be called Bullet Proof. In the video bullets are seen being dropped on the ground while Dolph is getting out the car in a tailored suit. Dolph would state, “100 shots in Charlotte but I’m bullet proof so f*ck em that’s how I feel. I’m so real I pray for my enemies.” The release date of April 1st, 2017 is set for Bullet Proof, watch the clip below:

4 – 1 – 17 BULLET PROOF?

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