Young Dolph Went In On Joe Budden For Criticizing Young Rappers (Video)

The talk of the internet this past week has been the scuffle that occurred between Joe Budden and Migos at the BET Awards.

The confrontation took place after Budden dropped his mic and walked off in the middle of Migos’ red carpet interview for Everyday Struggle. Budden would explain his actions stating that the rap group were acting arrogant and ‘sassy’ further stating that he never wanted to interview them anyway.

Outside of Migos, Budden has been known to criticize young rappers, such as Lil Yachty and XXXTentacion. Now Memphis rapper Young Dolph is speaking out against the Everyday Struggle host on the behalf of the young rappers.

Dolph would take to Snapchat posting a video stating, “I’m so sick of these old ass n*ggas like Joe Budden hating on these motherf*ckin young n*ggas because we out here getting all this money like we getting, sick of these lame ass n*ggas.” He would post another video stating, “Yall ask that n*gga Joe Budden was he a motherf*ckin CEO when he was rapping. Ask that n*gga was he the CEO of his f*ckin label. Get the f*ck out of here lame ass n*gga man.”

Check out the clip below: