Young M.A In Hot Water After Smoking “Tooka Pack” In A New Freestyle

We all love new slang words. Ya know, words that really aren’t words but mean something to us. With help from hip hop some slang terms have become universal. Some meanings are very clear. A few are a bit vague. But with the help of hip hop we now can identify certain slang terms meanings and origins.

As a kid in Chicago, I realized we had our own slang. Back in 2001 and 2002 it wasn’t many famous rappers from Chicago who were big. We really didn’t have a movement like we have now in the days of Drill Muzik. So I remember us saying things that no one else was really saying.

When Drill Music took America by storm there was a wave of new slang. Such as Thot, Opps, Drill, Goofy & Tooka Pack. Like always in hip hop history American youth inserted these new vocabulary terms into every day street talk. But I’m not sure everybody knows what they’re saying.

For people outside of Chicago to use the term “Tooka Pack” and not know the meaning, is a failure waiting to happen. For those who don’t know Tooka was an actual person. A 15 year old kid who was gunned down in Chicago.  Shondale “Tooka” Gregory was killed January 12,  2012 on a bus stop. In a neighborhood we call over east. Not too far from the infamous O Block, you always here Chief Keef referencing. Matter of fact Chief Keef was the one who coined the phrase “Tooka Pack”.

Did Young MA know this before she mentioned his name? Did Fetty Wap? Are they admitting to some sort of affiliation to the Black Disciple gang in Chicago who was has taken credit for the murder of Shondale Gregory? Did Young MA or Fetty Wap actually smoke Tooka on that bus stop that day back in 2012? Of course not. They just what we would call “Goofies” who sound no better then Chief Keef taking credit for the murder of Tupac. I mean this is “dick riding” in its deadliest form.

So the one message I have for the American youth is please beware of the slang terms you use publicly if you don’t know the meaning. Especially if you ever plan on coming to Chicago. You might make a few rappers mad. Real rappers with real street credit by the way in case you didn’t notice. Rappers who rap about real murders and are pretty much just waiting to do real jail time, by the way when does Bump J get out???  Til Next Time

– Article Written By DBoy –

Check out Young M.A’s Freestyle on Philadelphia’s Power99 (Tooka line mentioned around the 2:15 mark):


Check out Chicago’s reaction to the line below: