Young Thug Post Himself Online With A ‘Lean IV Drip’ & Social Media Is Shook

In the wake of the death of Lil Peep Hip-Hop is very concern when it comes to artist and their drug usage. After the death of the young up & coming artist, Lil Uzi Vert revealed that he was attempting to be sober and stop using pills. Chicago’s Famous Dex would even have a health scare and have to be rushed to the hospital due to his lean consumption. He would tell fans that he’s done with lean.

Today fans are concerned about another current Atlanta star, Young Thug, who took to social media to post a picture of him with a ‘Lean IV Drip’. He would post a picture of him self on his Instagram stories injecting himself with lean. The caption would read, “f*ck a double cup I wanna feel it faster.”

The alarming picture has sent social media into a frenzy and we’re hoping that for Thug’s sake this is a joke. Check out the post below:

Yikes #YoungThug displayed his self on Instagram with a Lean IV drip

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