Young Thug Shits On Airline Workers: “I’ll Pay Yall Bum Ass Hoes $15K To Quit Yo Job” (Video)

A couple of airline workers recently felt the wrath of Young Thug after the 300 Entertainment artist claimed they made him miss his show in Seattle. Thug would take to Instagram to post a video (which has since been deleted but we have the footage) filming two airline workers. He would state on the video, “These two ants are so rude – they peasants – I’ll give yall bum ass hoes $15,000 a piece to quit your job.” Thug would go on to pull out wads of cash and continue talking shit to the workers. “I’ll give you bums one more chance, look at they hair, sink in on the hair, they hair nappy as a motherfucker.” The workers would try to hide their face from the camera all whilst this went on, watch the video above. Thug would respond to the incident and missing his fans in the video below: