Yung Gleesh Speaks On 50 Cent: He Was Always Lame, He Bring Drama To The Table

DC rapper Gleesh formerly known as Yung Gleesh recently sat down with Vlad TV for an exclusive interview. So far segments have been released of the young artist speaking on things such as segregation in Washington DC, the effects of PCP, and most recently his Hip-Hop influences.

In the newest released clip Gleesh list 3-6 Mafia, Dipset, and Bone Thugs N Harmony as the first rap cats to get him into rap music. He would bring up another popular act out around that era, 50 Cent, saying that he never listened to the New York rapper because he was ‘lame’. Gleesh would elaborate stating, “I don’t like all that drama he bring to the table. So it throw me off.”

Gleesh would continue pointing out 50 Cent’s ‘antics’ on the internet saying that one day the rapper would have to stand on his actions. DJ Vlad would inform Gleesh that 50 Cent rolls with security in which he would respond, “Yeah and down in jail you can’t roll with security unless you that n*gga, n*gga.”

50 Cent most recent ‘internet antics’ have been between him and Floyd Mayweather. The two have engaged in a war of insults including snitch allegations, children, illiteracy, and more. 50 Cent even recently spilled the beans that Mayweather may have been the cause of the 2014 murder suicide of Earl Hayes who slain himself and his wife. According to 50 Cent before Hayes committed the slaying he confronted Mayweather on Facetime about sleeping with his wife.

Check out the clip below: