Yung Miami of City Girls G-Wagon Benz Riddled With Bullets In Miami

Yung Miami of the City Girls was in a near death incident after leaving City House Studios in Miami. Her G-Wagon Benz was riddled with bullets as she left the location.

The 25-year-old rapper who’s currecntly expecting a baby with 808 Mafia producer Southside, has not spoke out about the shooting. A woman however recorded a video moments after the incident and spoke on what she saw. “The G-Wagon got shot up in the back,” the woman stated to the police at the scene. “It looked like the G-Wagon was bulletproof, though. The police looking for shells,” she would continue.

Shortly after the incident occurred the internet would start to speculate who could be behind the shooting. Though, at the moment police have no suspects in the shooting.