Things are starting to heat up after Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s #Verzuz battle following Gucci’s blatant disrespect to Jeezy’s former comrade, Pookie Loc. It all started when South Central Crip and former CTE artist, Lil Sodi, would make a statement towards Gucci Mane in regards to his comments on Pookie Loc. Pookie Loc’s son, would also chime in about Gucci’s remarks towards his father stating, “F*ck CTE and 1017.”

In Pookie Loc’s son video rant he would also take shots at 1017 artist and Pooh Shiesty affiliate, Big 30. In the video he would claim that he would be at Big 30’s show to ‘snatch him off stage’ personally.

Now Big 30 is responding to Pookie Loc’s son via Instagram. He would take to his Instagram story to repost the video clip. Within the story the caption would read, “I promise ima answer your prayer yeen gone miss daddy nomo,” obviously insinuating if he attempted to pull him off stage he would be a dead man.

Check it out below: