Boosie Badazz recently sat down with VladTV for what seems like their 100th interview. Being that Vlad always touches on current events, during the interview the subject of King Von would come up. Vlad would describe King Von as ‘with the sh*t’ and state that he would go back and forward with people online, engaging in ‘rap beef’.

Vlad would state to Boosie, “I don’t remember you beefing with a rapper really.” Boosie would respond stating, “I never beefed with rappers. I know you probably heard I have beef but I never made songs. You never heard songs. All them rap beefs with them dudes, they rapped about me; that never been my steelo.” Boosie would continue to talk saying that he feels like a rapper would get fame off of him going back and forward with songs. He’d drop the bomb of a quote stating, “I don’t wanna put you on a record. I wanna put you in a bag. Then I can out fame you and out rap you.”

Boosie described his style of music saying he knows how to rap about his surroundings and what occurs in the streets. The Baton Rouge artist says he doesn’t know how to joke on people and make songs about particular artist, so he doesn’t engage in beef in song form. Boosie was recently shot in Dallas, TX while in town for Mo3’s candlelight vigil. The interview was of course recorded before the incident took place. Though, Boosie is now at home healing and in good spirits.

Check out the clip below: