6ix9ine went live earlier on Instagram to torment and troll some of his adversaries. We all know when 6ix9ine goes on a tirade per usual things go left. 6ix9ine would add both Lil Reese and 600 Breezy to his live broadcast and get very disrespectful.

During the live with 600 Breezy, 6ix9ine would disrespect King Von and kick Breezy off the live abruptly before he could get a chance to respond. Now 600 Breezy has responded with a video of his own issuing what sounds like a ‘final warning’ to 6ix9ine after the violating on live.

“Can’t nobody call me and say nothing to me I’m grown,” 600 Breezy would state into the camera. He would continue by saying, “That man steady mentioning my dead homie and you n*ggas sitting around not saying nothing. He ain’t on none of that. He ain’t no federal nothing, he got security guards. That money gone run out and n*ggas gone see you.” Check out the clip below: