6ix9ine is back to his old tricks after popping out of his rat hole and releasing a new single. He would start off his antics by running into Meek Mill and recording a confrontation with the Philadelphia rapper. He would in turn take the footage and used it in his music video for his latest release, trolling as usual.

Now 6ix9ine is continuing to engage on a social media train wreck by going live on his Instagram page and calling out names. During the live he would bring up both Lil Reese and 600 Breezy on his page.

While live with Lil Reese the Chicago rapper would attempt to call a friend over to get at 6ix9ine with him. 6ix9ine would state, “You don’t gotta bring n*ggas. You tough by yourself right?” Lil Reese would in turn show 6ix9ine a weapon and his response would be, “Put that sh*t away because when you sh*tted on yourself you didn’t pull that out.” Lil Reese’s entourage would respond by getting at 6ix9ine calling him out on being ‘too internet’ and the police.

6ix9ine would continue his live going live with Lil Durk affiliate, 600 Breezy. The New York rapper would continue to get more disrespectful, adding fuel to the fire. 600 Breezy would state to 6ix9ine, “You a b*tch n*gga, you gone die.” 6ix9ine would respond, “King Von can suck my d*ck and rest in piss.”

Do you think 6ix9ine is spiraling down a rabbit hole that he soon won’t be able to get his self out of?