We find it ironic how according to the Chinese zodiac 2020 is the Year of the Rat and 6ix9ine continues to not let up on the releases. The Brooklyn gang member/rapper turned informant has announced that he will be naming his next album Tattle Tales. Obviously playing into his new image as a glorified rat, he stated that the project will be dropping on September 4th.

6ix9ine would post a Instagram video announcing the project which will likely include the singles GOOBA and TROLLZ featuring Nicki Minaj. In the video clip which 6ix9ine would record in Chicago, he would be blatantly disrespect the city mockingly laughing and pouring out liquor for ‘niggas that died’.

It would be shortly after posting this video that Chicago rapper, Lil Reese, would leave a comment stating, “I heard you just tried to sneak on the block bro lol don’t lose yo life playing on the internet 69.” 6ix9ine would respond, “I seen a video of u sh*tten on yourself.” The Brooklyn rapper would go on to post the video of Lil Reese being jumped in Chicago which surfaced in June of 2019. Lil Reese would in turn respond, “You got extorted then rat on yo whole crew b*tch stop playin wit me lil n*gga you whole p*ssy out here that same n*gga got bullets holes for f*ckin round I don’t trick.”