Meek Mill obviously isn’t too fond of being a cameo in 6ix9ine’s Zaza music video. The Philadelphia rapper sent a cease and desist to 6ix9ine for having his image of their dispute plastered in the middle of his visual.

6ix9ine would respond via Instagram stating, “Meek Mill wrote a letter to my lawyers. He said we are bullying him.” In the next clip of 6ix9ine’s Instagram story it would show a cease and desist letter highlighting Meek Mill’s government name. 6ix9ine would continue to go on a tirade stating, “HOW YOU START SOMETHING YOU CANT FINISH????? HE WANT TO BE TAKEN OUT THE VIDEO BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE LAUGHING AT HIM.”

6ix9ine’s Zaza music video has since been taken down from YouTube. It was at 3,000,000 views at the time it was deleted.