It was in December 2020 when the consigliere of GS9, Rowdy Rebel, was released from prison. The Brooklyn rapper hit the ground running releasing vlogs and singles out the gate. Along with getting his own ball rolling he would keep his comrade’s name alive – Bobby Shmurda.

Rowdy Rebel would take to Instagram to let the world know that his brother would be getting out of jail in 6 days. He would state, “SIX DAYS LEFT. Then all the joy gone wash away the pain, I promise you brother #stillfreegs9 #freeskrap1019.” Now the day has come and Bobby Shmurda is now home after serving 7 years of prison time in New York. Though, Bobby Shmurda would get out earlier than expected.

Bobby Shmurda was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, reckless endangerment, drug and gun possession and more. The Brooklyn rapper would take a longer sentence in solidarity with his friend Rowdy Rebel to lesson Rebel’s time; which has been applauded by the streets over the years. He would receive extra time while in prison after allegedly being caught with a shank, fighting, and drug possession.

Now the past is all behind him, he’s home, and he did it with honor. Welcome home Bobby Shmurda!