It was on November 7th when Chicago rapper, King Von, was murdered during a brawl in outside of the Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta. The sudden passing of the rapper who just released his debut album a week before his murder has been the talk of the internet and the streets.

Now his former girlfriend and rapper, Asian Doll, is revealing what many may be wondering in what were King Von’s last words. In a now deleted tweet Asian would tweet out, “Von last words was “y’all let them n*ggas get up on me… stop crying y’all let them get me.”

She would receive some what backlash from fans who would respond with conflicting tweets that his last words were, “Tell Durk and my fans I love em, O’Block forever.” According to fans, this is what was stated by King Von’s manager. Until the air is cleared, due to conflicting stories, it’s in the air what his exact words were. Check out the tweets below: