We’re in the year 2020 and Hip-Hop has turned 47 years old. In a culture that’s naturally street, it seems as Hip-Hop gets older more things are starting to become acceptable. We are starting to see more androgynous characters, more melodic styles in the music, and more ‘openness’. The pauses and no homos are starting to become less frequent than previous years.

Prime example would be a situation that took place recently between Tyler The Creator and Trippie Redd. While Trippie Redd is considered more of a street artist he does exhibit weird, rock star traits. Tyler The Creator is, well Tyler The Creator. Tyler recently would express his admiration for Trippie Redd on his Instagram. He would comment, “”Ur such a freak and I say that in the best possible way. I love it dude you’re beautiful its sick.” Should he said pause? No homo? Are we dragging it? Ehh probably so. Check out the post below:

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#TylerTheCreator speaks on #TrippieRedd 👀

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