We seem to be living in a new age where even men who can afford it are getting their ‘body done’. The days of that type of surgery being the lane of video vixens and movie star actresses are a thing of the past. Even men in the industry are jumping at the bit to go see Dr. Miami. Okay probably not Dr. Miami per se, but anybody offering good cosmetic surgery services.

Funk Flex recently revealed to the world that he had liposuction surgery done and it helped him lose 40 pounds. This would come as a shock to the world and of course he would get roasted for it. Now a even more gangsta figure has been exposed for getting surgery. Moneybagg Yo took a trip to Columbia and not only got teeth surgery but a little liposuction and face fillers also.

This information would be revealed by Instagram page KosmeticKrys.

Twitter is reacting to the information being leaked about Moneybagg Yo’s alleged surgery. How do yall feel about gangsta rappers getting cosmetic surgery? Check out the tweets below: