One of URL‘s (Ultimate Rap League) premiere stars, Nu Jerzey Twork, was critically injured in a car accident after falling to sleep behind the wheel of his car. Though, the injuries are severe the 26-year-old rapper is expected to make a recovery.

The New Jersey battle rapper would take to Instagram Live and speak on his injuries informing fans that he suffered from a cracked skull, broken vertebrae, broken ribs, punctured lung, and an injured eye. “I can’t even walk by myself. I can’t piss by myself. I can’t sh*t by myself. Y’all be careful out there man,” Twork would state on his Instagram Live video. He would describe his car flipping multiple times after crashing into a side wall shortly after falling asleep from behind the wheel due to exhaustion.

Nu Jerzey Twork made his way to the URL battle rap scene in 2016 against his opponent Dougy Smack. He would quickly move to being top tier material batling popular vets such as Shotgun Suge, Charlie Clips, Aye Verb, Arsonal, and DNA. Coining his slogan ‘I’m strapped in’ and his legendary ‘Twork Bounce’ he has become a fan favorite. He’s even gotten praise from industry artist such as Drake and Ceelo Green. Our prayers go out to Nu Jerzey Twork and we at DatWAV are wishing him a speedy recovery. You can donate to Nu Jerzey Twork’s GoFundMe for his medical bills, by clicking the highlighted link here.