It was on the 15th of November when Griselda artist Benny The Butcher was shot in Houston during a robbery. Benny The Butcher is now back home and healing up.

The New York rapper took to Instagram to make an appearance after the shooting being pushed in a wheelchair by Rick Ross. Ross would throw Benny a dinner party at his Fayetteville home being that Benny’s birthday was on the 27th. He would caption the picture, “Dinner party at my home @richforever crib with my loved ones… can’t NOTHIN or NOBODY stop this sh*t.”

Benny The Butcher would also reveal video Facebook that he paid a small price during the robbery, losing a few jewels. This would be on Facebook in response to a fan. “Did they take your jewels down in TX,” the fan would ask on Benny’s page. In which Benny would respond, “Yeah only after they shot me tho imma gangster from Eastside Buffalo. Other n*ggas would’ve begged for they life and sh*t they self. Spent a hunnit more on jewels and 20k on security I be aight n*ggas get shot everyday b.”

Check out the post below: