At midnight on December 21st of 2020 many predicted that Black people would get magical super powers. This would be due to Saturn and Jupiter aligning for the first time and being the closest they’ve been to Earth in hundreds of years. Even though there’s no evidence to back this theory, apparently when this occurs us African Americans get powers. Though, I woke up feeling 100% the same, many have apparently gotten their powers.

These powers include levitating, super speed, reading minds, and much more.

Some people are even being gifted with the power to time travel. With this super power many are shockingly catching Martin Luther King, Jr. engaging with white women. This running joke comes from Martin Luther King’s alleged first love being a woman by the name of Betty Moitz who was of Caucasian descent. King was said to have a very close relationship with Moitz but due to Jim Crow Laws they could never marry or have any type of open engagement. Though, this story with the whole super powers fiasco makes for great memes. Check it out below: