It was in October 2020 when Boosie Badazz appeared on Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin with Mike Tyson for what was a legendary podcast segment. During the interview Boosie would be confronted by Mike Tyson about comments surrounding the LGBT community. Mike Tyson would react this way on behalf of his daughter who identifies as a lesbian and had a problem with Boosie’s constant comments about her people.

During the interview things got a little verbally aggressive it didn’t escalate to physical violence. Though, in a new interview segment with VladTV Boosie is revealing what would’ve occurred if the former Heavyweight Boxing Champion would have gotten physical.

VladTV would state in response to Boosie talking to Mike Tyson’s daughter direct, “He was actually saying how he was worried because he was worried she might try to get physical with you and then he would have to do something.” Boosie would in turn respond, “We would’ve shot the f*ck out Mike Tyson. We had 30s in that b*tch. My n*ggas would’ve killed Tyson and stood over him and said we did it.”

Check out the clip below: