The Playstation 5 released today and is currently the talk of the town. Everybody that’s checking a bag is posting their system proudly to flaunt on the brokies who couldn’t afford to cop.

Though, Boosie has a message for PS5 buyers, warning them not to get in too deep. Boosie would take to Twitter to state, “PLAYIN A VIDEO GAME LIKE A JUNKIE WILL TAKE U OFF YO GRIND N TAKE TOO MUCH TIME AWAY FROM YOUR GRIND #hustlers DONT LET A PS5 HAVE YOU WITH THE SAME BAG OF MONEY FOR TWO R 3YEARS #timeismoney THIS AINT THE YEAR TO BE BULLSHITIN ON NO GAME.”

Do you agree? Does a video game take away from ‘the grind’?

Check out the post below: