Boosie took to Twitter to call out Instagram yet again. On Thursday (September 17) he wrote, “I STARTED A NEW IG @boosienewig n they stopped my live soon as shaderoom posted it. I HAVENT POSTED NOTHIN R WENT LIVE this is discrimination/racial etc. IM SUEING CALLING DREW NOW.” 

This comes after Instagram disabled his account in August for violating the social media site’s policies. Boosie pleaded with Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who also owns Instagram, to reinstate his account, writing, “This is how I feed my family. We ain’t making no show money Mark Zuckerburger, none of the rappers. I need my Instagram back! Mark, I need my Instagram back. Mark Zuckerburger. I told everybody, ‘Call Mark Zuckerburger. At him right now. Tell him call my sister. We need to talk.’ I need my Instagram! I got people’s money I gotta post.” Boosie even offered Zuckerberg $100,000 to give him his account back before he made his return earlier this month.