We are now a couple of days away from Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s #Verzuz battle that shook up the world. Though, it is still the talk of the town at the moment. You’d think the highlight of the night would be the two performing So Icy together for the first time ever. However, controversy sells and the highlight of the night would end up being Gucci Mane performing Truth in front of Jeezy and dissing his ‘dead homie’, Pookie Loc.

Gucci’s performance of Truth has caused a domino effect to occur including Jeezy’s former artist, Lil Sodi, to come at Gucci Mane, Pookie Loc’s son to speak out, and 1017 affiliate Big 30 getting at Pookie Loc’s son in response.

Now it is being revealed that Gucci Mane regrets all of it, when it comes to disrespecting Jeezy at #Verzuz. It was revealed by QC‘s CEO P on Mega Meezy’s (who is 21 Savage’s manager) Clubhouse chat, that Gucci regretted doing it immediately. According to P once Gucci got in the car leaving the event he stated, “I shouldn’t have done that.” This would be referencing disrespecting Jeezy like he’d had done and smoking on a Pookie Loc pack.

Perhaps Gucci Mane regretted the situation once he seen that Jeezy was coming from a genuine place of peace. We may get more details on it on Gucci’s next interview which will be hopefully soon.