According to circulating reports information is coming from inside of Quando Rondo’s team that Timothy Leeks will now attempt to claim self defense. 22-year-old Timothy Leeks is the man who fired the fatal shot in Atlanta striking King Von which would lead to his death.

A video leaked shortly after King Von’s death of a scuffle occurring outside of Atlanta’s Monaco Hookah Lounge. Talk would circulate that the brief fight occurred between King Von and NBA Youngboy affiliate, Quando Rondo. A few days later we would get yet another video from a different angle of King Von approaching who is now confirmed to be Quando Rondo and striking him. This would lead to Timothy Leeks, who was in the entourage of Quando Rondo, firing at King Von and killing him.

According to sources in Quando Rondo’s camp, Timothy Leeks, felt him and Quando Rondo’s life was in danger being that they were outnumbered. The 22-year-old will plead self defense in his current murder case.