If you could look up b*tch ass n*gga in the dictionary you just might see Chris Darden’s picture next to the definition. From O.J. Simpson’s case to Nipsey Hussle’s murder, the attorney has always found himself on the wrong side of the culture. Darden is now finding himself on the wrong side of the culture once again, after it was revealed that he would be representing one of Pop Smoke’s murderers.

Darden will act as the defense attorney for Corey Walker, one of the defendants in the case of Pop Smoke. The news was revealed at a pre-trial hearing on Monday, at Clara Shortridge Criminal Justice Center in Los Angeles. Walker was one of five men arrested for attempting to carry out a robbery that went wrong in Hollywood Hills, California that would end in the death of slain rapper, Pop Smoke. Walker and Keandre Rodgers were arrested on suspicion of murder, and Jaquan Murphy was held on suspicion of attempted murder, though it’s still unclear if he’ll be officially charged. The other two defendants remain unnamed because they are minors, but have been charged with murder and robbery.