When it comes to the South; better yet, Hip-Hop as a whole, Bun B’s name holds weight. Many are speaking out on the situation that occured between Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez, now the UGK veteran is making his presence known and decided to make a public statement about the matter. It’s only right being that Meg The Stallion is not only arguably the hottest woman in Hip-Hop at the moment, but a student of Bun B and Pimp C, coming from Houston, Texas.

“I tried to be impartial and cool about this, but fuck that man,” Bun B would state. He would go on to state, “Tory Lanez, and I don’t care if this go viral or none of that shit, I’m from Houston. If somebody would have done something to Megan in this city we would have rolled. Megan in L.A. by herself. It’s just her and T-Farris. She ain’t got her mama no more, her mama is gone. Her daddy is gone. Her grandmother is gone. All the people that loved and cared about her unconditionally, that cared about her and would have protected her, ain’t there. So as an OG in Houston, I’m standing up.”

He would continue by saying, “Tory Lanez did some h*e sh*t, period, yeah, I know Tory, I know his manager and all them, f*ck all that though. F*ck all that. If the man on drugs, get him some g*ddamn rehab. If the man got mental health issues, get him some therapy. But you not gone sit here and shoot this girl and we not gone say nothing. That shit not real n*gga shit. It’s not. Anytime a man hurts a woman, that’s obsession. That ain’t love. He had no reason to shoot this girl.