The Chicago birthed genre of Drill Rap has created a lot of stars. We’ve even watched it create viral sensations such as Baby CEO, Lil Mouse, and Quaddy Goon. Each of these acts took the internet by storm one by one, being how young they were when they arrived on the scene. However, this was many of years ago and each of these acts are now adults (or nearly adults). Get ready to feel old as we go into what each of these viral sensations are doing now as of 2020.


Memphis rapper Baby CEO first arrived on the scene in 2014 when a video went viral of him smoking a blunt in the car. The video would make its rounds on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. It would eventually be picked up by WorldStarHipHop and today has over a million views on the platform. The clip would pick up steam due to Baby CEO talking incoherently and many believing he was as young as 9 or 10, when he was actually 14-years-old.

Shortly after going viral his rap career would start releasing tracks such as F*ck Da Oppz. He would go on to sign to Fredo Santana’s Savage Squad Records in 2015. He’d run into some legal situations and be in and out of Juvenile but still maintain his buzz and rap career. In 2017 he would have a brief encounter and beef with Migos in Lenox Mall in Atlanta.

Now Baby CEO is Big CEO and he’s 20 years of age. He continuing to drop music and he has a child on the way.

His most recent release is a track titled ManDown which has a music video, check it out below:


Of course we all remember when Chicago’s Lil Mouse popped out with the viral track Get Smoked in 2012. The tune set the internet on fire to the point that Lil Wayne would add it to his Dedication 4 project; not only freestyling over the instrumental in Wayne fashion but leaving Lil Mouse on the track. Lil Mouse would also drop Katrina featuring Lil Durk & feature on Doe Boy’s 2013 track We Don’t Play That. Mouse’s debut mixtape Mouse Trap would receive millions of streams online.

Lil Mouse is now 21 years old and is continuing to release projects. He’s currently promoting his next single which is set to drop on November 13th and is titled Sammy Watkins.

He was recently on Instagram Live wildin, check out the clip below along with his music video for Judge Me:


Quaddy Goon went viral in 2014 rapping over the Chiraq instrumental at 10 years old. He would quickly be a viral sensation after dropping the bars “She s*cked my d*ck, you dirty b*tch, you dirty b*tch.” Now unlike Baby CEO and Lil Mouse, there isn’t much information online about Quaddy Goon. Though, now he is 16 years of age. On his Instagram only one picture is posted which is recent. In the picture it features Quaddy Goon at a jail visit with the caption ‘Free A’. In the bio it’s a link to a track released April 5, 2020 titled 30 Like’Em 30, check it out below: