It was at the top of February when The Game made a statement on Clubhouse saying that nobody from Compton can outrap him – including Kendrick Lamar. While many Game fans stood by his statement, some would argue that there were a couple artist that could get him out of here. Game put the West Coast back on the map with his debut album The Documentary when there was a drought of West Coast artist, cementing him as a West Coast legend. Though, to quote Shakespeare ‘uneasy is the head that wears a crown’. When you signify yourself as the best there’s gonna be someone that wants to take you out.

The artist that is stepping up to the plate is a newcomer on the West Coast, Compton artist, Westside Boogie. He recently appeared on I-95 Radio to drop a fire freestyle that sent a buzz through the Hip-Hop community. In the freestyle he would respond to The Game being the best rapper in Compton with a few shots. “Know I’m rapping circles round the legends in my same city/Keep it confidential tell that n*gga don’t play games with me,” Boogie would rap which was a play on words of The Game’s name and his ‘Los Angeles Confidential’ Instagram name.

If we know Game like we think we know Game, you can expect to hear a response soon. Check out Westside Boogie’s full I-95 Freestyle below: