There’s been a lot of fed business occurring within Hip-Hop this year. Starting with Atlanta rapper, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, being arrested on RICO charges in October. Now just this month alone both Casanova and G Herbo were cracked with federal charges. Casanova turned himself in to the FBI this morning on charges connected to the Gorilla Stone Nation Blood set. While G Herbo is facing fraud charges in connection a multi million dollar fraud scheme.

All of these federal indictments seem to be raising the antennas of many leading them to ask – could 6ix9ine be behind all of this? If there was a mole in Hip-Hop, it being 6ix9ine definitely wouldn’t be a stretch. The funny thing is 6ix9ine has had beefs with both G Herbo and Casanova.

In May 2020 G Herbo and 6ix9ine both traded shots at each other. G Herbo would go at 6ix9ine saying that he didn’t ‘beat’ his case he told. 6ix9ine would in turn shoot back asking G Herbo if he has herpes followed up by mocking Herb for not having any platinum tracks. In August G Herbo’s NLMB crew would run into 6ix9ine in a clothing store and he would run out. The footage would be caught by NLMB‘s WetEmUp.

Of course everyone by now should know about 6ix9ine and Casanova’s run in which would eventually be squashed. Though, before putting the beef to the side the two would trade shots back and forward. Casanova would release a track titled Set Trippin which many would believe would be a shot at 6ix9ine. 6ix9ine would follow it up by switching up the lyrics in his Gummo tune to, “Shut up Casanova I’ll f*ck that n*gga b*tch.” All of this tension would boil over at the Barclays Center where the infamous shooting would occur between the crews of the two.

Do you believe 6ix9ine could be behind this? The internet is chiming in on the federal indictments with memes and thoughts on their on. Check it out below: