The world is still mourning the death of Mo3, who was murdered in his hometown of Dallas while driving on the I-35 freeway. Recently his manager, Rainwater, stopped by Mogul Media for a sit down interview after his passing. we previously reported that Rainwater was the last person to talk to Mo3 before his death. He revealed that he was on the phone with him when the shooting started.

However, on a brighter note, during the interview Rainwater also divulged that Mo3 owned his masters, leaving his kids to be set for life. Rainwater would state, “Let me tell you how God work, God know what he doing in 2020.” He would go on to say, “When that time hit on 2020, January 1st, I never knew I was gone be up here but God prepared us though. I kept preaching to him 3 you gotta get you some artist, make your legacy move and keep on building.” Rainwater would go on describe signing two Dallas artist to Mo3’s imprint.

Rainwater would go on to state, “I kept telling 3 you need to do something for your kids. He went a bought a bunch of timeshares.” Lastly he would say, “When you with Empire you own all your masters. Your kids gonna get paid for the rest of their life,” In which Mo3 would respond “Yeah you right.”

Mo3 signed a distribution deal with Empire in 2019. Empire is also home of artist such as 50 Cent, Tyga, Iggy Azalea, and King Von.

Check out the full interview below: