Over the years Jim Jones has become a man that wears many hats. From his Vamp Life Clothing brand to Quarantine Studios created in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to his Saucey Farms cannabis company, the hustle doesn’t stop for Jim Jones. Now Jim Jones is adding another notch to his belt and stepping into the word of cryptocurrency.

Jim Jones would recently stop by Hot97 via stream to talk about many subjects including his new JonesCoin cryptocurrency. Shares for Jim Jones’ JonesCoin can be purchased through the Ethereum platform.

Jim Jones would break down the coin to the Hot97 cast stating, “I actually have a JonesCoin, just like Bitcoin there’s a JonesCoin. It’s on the Ethereum platform. So right now if you have cryptocurrency or you have Ether you can go a JonesCoin, it’s valued at a penny. In three weeks you’ll be able to purchase a JonesCoin on a credit card. I see a lot of people talk about cryptocurrency and artist jumping into cryptocurrency and I wanted to learn more about it, understand more [about it]. Now I actually did it, I got it.”

Check out the clip below (talk of Jim Jones cryptocurrency starts at the 7 minute mark):