Things popped off earlier today between Free Bandz artist Doe Boy and Sada Baby over Instagram comments. This would lead to Doe Boy referring to Sada Baby as a ‘p*ssy ass rapper’.

Now things are continuing with Doe Boy antagonizing Sada Baby and more being revealed to the situation at hand. Doe Boy “You posting DMs and sh*t like that. Come on dude, I f*ck with you, we was rocking. But tell them people why you going around and commenting on sh*t. You took it to the internet. You didn’t have to say nothing. You responding to fans and going out your way to say ‘naw I ain’t collabing with him’.” Doe Boy would go on to say that he wants Sada Baby to tell the world why he’s saying this insinuating that a situation previously occurred that has spilled over online.

Another Free Bandz artist, Zoey Dollaz, would comment, “Ain’t the gang took ole dude chain or sumn? What’s the talk about???” Leading us to believe that the situation that Doe Boy is saying that Sada Baby doesn’t want to talk about is him getting his chain snatched. Stay tuned for more updates.

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