Murda Mook Vs. Tay Roc took place on Halloween 2020 on URL‘s Anniversary Card. While you had a few saying that Tay Roc beat Murda Mook 2-1, the majority did decide that they had Mook winning the battle with a Gentleman’s 30 or a 2-1. In battle rap terms that just means that Mook was the clear winner in the event.

One viewer known by many was paying close attention to the event. Drake would DM Murda Mook on Instagram giving him his flowers and praising him for a good performance. “I just watched the battle that was a scary 3 rounds. Some of the best battle rapping I ever heard,” Drake would write to Mook. Mook would of course respond with appreciation.

Drake always keeps his ear to the streets and pays close attention to what is going on in the underground realm of Hip-Hop. He praised Free Bandz artist Doe Boy for his Demons R Us release with producer Southside. Check out the post below: