If you do your research and hit your Googles you’ll be well aware that Fat Joe is a certified gangsta. Long before the Make It Rains, Lean Backs, and All The Way Ups Joey Crack ruled the streets of the Bronx, New York with a iron fist. He did this with the assistance of his street crew which later would turn into the record label we know today as Terror Squad.

Recently a former Terror Squad member, Marco Santi, appeared on former mobsters John Alite and Gene Borrello’s podcast. On The Johnny And Gene Show Santi would slip up and admit to a little more about Fat Joe than he might’ve wanted to. When asked about how he met Joe Santi would state that they grew up across the street from each other in adjacent project buildings.

In the midst of describing their former street lives during the era of graffiti Santi would drop a bomb that no one would expect. “Joe is a real g and this is the reason why I call him that. See there’s guys like John [Elite] and Joe they’re hand and hand. These guys, they were in the streets, they sold the drugs, they did the murders, they did the things like that. These guys are real gangstas.” He would go on to praise Fat Joe for turning his life around and becoming the mogul we see today. Wow!

Check out the post below (If you’re in a hurry time stamp starts at 4:30):