The 2021 Grammy Nominations list released today and it’s a hot topic being discussed online. One artist that is excited about his Grammy Nomination is Gary, Indiana artist, Freddie Gibbs. He’d take to Twitter to express his enthusiasm in a very Freddie Kane fashion.

Gibbs would post a series of tweets stating, “I told y’all n*ggaz. I actually told y’all last year too. Ohhhhhh I need a bad ass Grammy date.” His last tweet would read, “1st ViceLord since Michael Jackson to get nominated.” We’re sure this is a joke due to Freddie Gibbs known humor.

We’ve done our research and Michael Jackson has no ties to the Vice Lords; despite the infamous, red Vice Lord like Thriller jacket. Though, it was speculation that Jackson did have an affiliation with the Crips. However, this is all speculation and not confirmed.

Freddie Gibbs and Alchemist Alfredo project was released back in May 2020. It included 10 tracks along with features from Rick Ross, Benny The Butcher, Tyler, The Creator, and Conway The Machine. Although, there isn’t any confirmed Vice Lord ties, Jackson and Gibbs do share being from Gary, Indiana. Congratulations to Freddie Gibbs on the Grammy Nomination.