Freddie Gibbs recently sat down with Joe Rogan for what ended up being a very entertaining episode of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. During the podcast many subjects would be touched on such as R Kelly, Mayor Marion Barry, and cocaine.

During the discussion about cocaine Freddie Gibbs would divulge to Joe Rogan that he’d shot a crackhead that wouldn’t die because of crack. The conversation would come about from another guest on the show, Brian Moses, talking about bigger 45 caliber bullets being made to have enough stopping power to kill a man on cocaine. Freddie Gibbs would in turn state, “It was a crackhead back in the day I shot that n*gga with a Tech 9 and he kept running down the alley.”

This conversation would turn into a very intricate discussion about the difference between crack and cocaine, only on Joe Rogan Experience. Check out the clip and be sure to check out the full episode on Spotify.