This morning we reported on Jeezy’s Therapy For My Soul diss track aimed at Freddie Gibbs and 50 Cent. Freddie Gibbs would comment, sending shots back at Jeezy after the release of the track.

Now Freddie Gibbs is deciding to take things a little further by slamming Jeezy for doing a #Verzuz with Gucci Mane after killing his friend, Pookie Loc. Freddie Gibbs would tweet on Twitter, “@jeezy n*gga smoked yo partner and u bout to sit in the room and do a verzuz wit him. Don’t talk no street sh*t to me fam.”

Freddie Gibbs is referring to the murder of Henry Lee Clark III aka Pookie Loc, who is one of the men who attempted to rob Gucci Mane during the height of his beef with Jeezy. Clark was not only a friend of Jeezy’s but an artist signed to his CTE imprint at the time of his death. Gucci has made reference to Henry’s death on many of his songs. Most popular on Gucci’s Truth diss track aimed at Jeezy he’d state, “Go dig your potna up n*gga bet he can’t say sh*t.”

Check out the post below: