The talk of ‘No Snitching’ in Hip-Hop dates back as far as 2006 when Jim Jones premiered the infamous “Stop Snitching” t-shirts in his Gs Up Hoes Down music video. This would be followed up by Cam’ron’s notorious 60 Minutes interview in 2007 where the rapper would state that he wouldn’t snitch if a serial killer lived next door to him. Now fast forward to 2021 and 6ix9ine is still being crucified for snitching on his Trey Way brethren in 2019.

Now Future Hendrix himself has issued a strong statement on how he feels about the subject of snitching. Future would take to social media and state, “If God told me to rat on my twin to get into heaven I guess I’m going too HELL.”

This is obviously a strong stand against tattle telling unveiling that he wouldn’t even tell on a friend for God. Do you agree with Future’s statement or is this taking it a little too far? Check out the post below: