After landing in Mexico, G Herbo says he had to bribe Mexican police officers with $2,000 in order to avoid going to jail after they found two ounces of marijuana in his luggage. After making it through customs, the Chicago rapper posted a video clip detailing the scenario.

“10 minutes into the trip, soon as I land, these b*tches just went in all my sh*t and just found two zips,” G Herbo said. “‘Aye, you ’bout to go to jail, boy. How much money you got on you?’ No cap, I just gave him $2,000, all American so that’s really $20,000 out here. And they just finessed the f*ck out of me. They said, ‘Oh, yeah?’ They told me they found Taina weed pen.”

While describing the events, G Herbo found out that his security encountered the same problem and also had to pay $2,000 to avoid jail time. After hearing his security’s experience, he continued his story and said he initially tried to pay a fine but couldn’t because he had more than five grams on him. In another clip, G Herbo is outside of the airport and continues to reflect on the events that took place.

“They took all my weed, I’m mad as hell,” he stated. “I’m about to get so damn drunk this trip, now. They took the doink. These b*tches so slick out here.”