With artist Big Scarr, Foogiano, Roboy, K Shiday, and Enchating; Gucci Mane’s new 1017 Records label is looking in pretty good shape for 2021. Of course we can’t forget the front runner of label, Memphis signee, Pooh Shiesty. After his latest release, Shiesty Season, Pooh Shiesty was the 2nd most streamed artist a week ago right behind Drake. So it’s safe to say he’s putting the 1017 brand on his back.

With the type of numbers that Pooh Shiesty is putting up we’re sure Gucci Mane is more than appreciative of the revenue that Pooh is bringing in. To show his appreciation Gucci Mane gifted Pooh Shiesty with a new whip. The ride that Gucci Mane coined the ‘Slime Mobile’ is a tricked out 2021 Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk.

A new Jeep Trackhawk could run you around $88,000. Though, with the custom paint job and black and lime green rims to match Gucci Mane surely cashed out over $100,000 on this gift to his artist. The two would hug it out after Gucci gave Shiesty the keys. Check out the clip below: