Gucci Mane’s name is buzzing due to his recent #Verzuz battle with adversary, Jeezy. The lyrical clash would put a 15 year grudge between the two to bed. Gucci and Jeezy’s stream numbers have increased since the battle; being that everyone is going back to either reminisce on their favorites or replay tracks from the battle. However, things aren’t just looking up for Gucci in the streaming world, but also in fashion.

It was in October 2019 when Gucci revealed that he’d signed a deal with Gucci clothing brand. In June 2020 Gucci would announce that he would be getting his own line. “It’s official I’m getting my own brand at @gucci I hope they ain’t lying,” Gucci would tweet.

Now Gucci has been spotted on Gucci ads in the United Kingdom. “When i went to the UK they had GUCCI on the GUCCI ads in heathrow airport,” a Twitter user would tweet. Gucci could be seen on two ads in the airport, which can be seen below: