URL (Ultimate Rap League) is the home of some of the most prestigious battle rappers in the world. It was in June, with the help of Drake, when the company signed a deal with the streaming app Caffeine for $113 million. Following the deal URL now streams battles exclusively from the app. Though, like the old saying goes – more money, problems and URL is definitely experiencing their share of problems at the moment.

It was this week that it was revealed a former partner and part owner of URL, Street Star Norbes (birth name: Dagoberto Velez), is suing the company for $40 Million. Norbes was behind creating the company’s ‘Proving Grounds’ franchise title which gave birth to many stars such as Nu Jerzey Twork, John John Da Don, Chess, and more. The ‘Proving Grounds’ portion of URL would be dissolved and Norbes would be ‘kicked out the whip’ after he allegedly attempted to engage in sexual activities with Nu Jerzey Twork’s baby mother. This would in turn lead to a fight that would occur between Nu Jerzey Twork and Norbes on URL‘s Genesis card, before Twork battled Geetchi Gotti. Check out the video below:

Now in a 80 page lawsuit document that names executives  Troy Mitchell, Eric Beasley, and Jean French; Norbes is saying that he was dropped from the company in a “wrongful dissolution” situation which breached their contract.

With a number like $40 million on the table it has raised the eyebrows of many, one in particular, Hollow Da Don. The top tier battle rapper would take to Instagram to state, “Norbes is sueing for 40million, Caffiene invested 113 million into battle rap. I haven’t battle on URL because im asking for more than usual and thats a big issue. I want to ask my peers. Do you still believe “we don’t have a budget” or “thats way too much money”? How is millions involved in this and we still fighting to get a extra few thousand.” He would tag many battle rappers such as DNA, Tay Roc, and Goodz; inferring that these top tier battlers should be getting paid more. He would end it by stating, “WE ARE SLAVES! Unfortunately, our slave owners are black, hiding behind a corporate entity. Pimping us.” Check out the post below: