Pookie Loc name has been ringing in the streets ever since Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s #Verzuz battle occurred and Gucci Mane stated, “We smoking Pookie Loc tonight.” Gucci would recite this phrase after performing his Truth diss track in front of Jeezy. Though, despite Gucci revealing that he regretted going this far during the #Verzuz with his former adversary, the streets will still be the streets.

A strain of Pookie Loc Marijuana has officially hit the streets of Atlanta. It looks like the streets of Atlanta will really be smoking on Pookie Loc. On the package which is very eye catching it says “Brrrr flower pack,” followed by ‘Pookie Loc’ which is the official strain.

Pookie Loc’s son recently spoke out after the disrespect towards his father during #Verzuz. We’re sure he won’t be pleased with this.

Check out the post below: