A popular Los Angeles figure, Big Sam, was gunned down Sunday morning by LAPD officers. If you’re not from the LA area you may not know who Big Sam is, but you don’t have to be from LA to know the world renowned name ‘Debo’.

Big Sam was Ice Cube’s inspiration for the brute bully of a character we come to love from the 1995 birthed Friday movie series. It was around 2 am when witnesses called 911 and stated that they seen a man pointing a gun at cars passing through the intersection. When LAPD officers appeared on the scene the man would point the gun at the officers, which would lead to them firing their weapons and killing him.

Ice Cube would react to Big Sam’s death on Twitter revealing that he was in fact the inspiration for Deebo. “Rest In Peace Big Sam (inspiration behind the character Debo) killed by L.A. Deputies last night,” Ice Cube would tweet. He would end the tweet with the hashtag #FTP which stands for ‘F*ck The Police’.

Many online are confusing the announcement of Big Sam being killed to the actor who played Debo, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister. Lister is in fact okay and alive and well. Rest in peace Deebo aka Big Sam.

Check out the tweets below:

Here are some of our favorite Debo scenes from the Friday series: