Harlem rapper Jae Millz arrived on the rap scene through the culture of battle rap. You might remember in 2008 when he battled former Bad Boy artist E Ness at the height of of his career. At the time Jae Millz was signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint, which he signed to at the top of 2008. He made a cameo appearance in Wayne’s Lollipop video and featured on hit songs Every Girl and BedRock.

Jae Millz recently sat down with Bootleg Kev for an episode of The Bootleg Kev Podcast. During the interview he would reveal times when Wayne would be in ‘one of his moods’ and kick both Drake and Nicki Minaj out of his Young Money squadron. Bootleg Kev would state, “You had said something to me last week. You said you were around Young Money enough to see everyone get kicked out at least once.” Jae Millz would go on to confirm that even though it lasted only ‘a day or two’ this was true before going into detail on what had occured.

He would go into Nicki Minaj’s situation describing that even though Nicki was signed to Young Money, she was managed by Debra Antney. Antney who at the time managed Gucci Mane, French Montana, OJ Da Juiceman and other artist. Being that Nicki was on the roster also she was also getting booked for shows with the bunch. Jae Millz would state, “Once we got that shi*t in our mind, Wayne was looking at it like Nicki doing her own thing. I think Wayne was looking at it like ‘Oh she’s trying to be over here and over here and trying to see which one pop first’.” Millz would say that Wayne would have one of those days where he decided that she wasn’t Young Money any more. Although, Wayne would decide later on down the road that they had put in too much work to let her go.

He’d continue going into Drake being kicked out saying that it occured by a miscommunication. Millz would say that Drake would be kicked out over a dispute between Wayne and his manager, Cortez “Tez” Bryant, who was managing the deal between Drake and Young Money. Millz would describe being in New York when Drake would tell him, “Tune just told me I’m not Young Money anymore.” This would be around the time that Every Girl was out when Drake just had started to get his lift. Though, of course this situation would be resolved.

Check out the clip below: