YouTuber Jake Paul is currently on Cloud 9 at the moment after his viral knockout on Nate Robinson. This would lead to various memes, ‘Night Night Nate’ cannabis strain bags, and even the #NateRobinsonChallange. The #NateRobinsonChallenge is similar to the plank in which a person lays on the ground in a similar position to Nate Robinson when he was unconscious from Paul’s quick jab.

Now Jake Paul has linked with DaBaby and is adding insult to injury with DaBaby doing the #NateRobinsonChallenge in the studio. In the video clip unreleased music from DaBaby plays in the background as he lays on the ground. As DaBaby gets up it pans to Jake Paul and Stunna4Vegas who both laugh into the camera.

DaBaby would post a picture of himself, Jake Paul, and Stunna4Vegas with a caption stating, “Aye @funkflex .. Drop “Play u lay” By: @stunna4vegas #BDBENT.” Check it out below: