December 3rd was Lil Baby’s 26th birthday and he decided to throw a bash to celebrate.

Many would be in attendance at Lil Baby’s birthday extravaganza including NBA player James Harden. Harden would surprisingly be in the building sporting a 4PF chain. A symbol worn by all of Lil Baby’s crew. He would sport the chain and throw up the 4s made popular by Lil Baby.

Lil Baby would make a Instagram post displaying his gifts he received from James Harden. Harden would gift Lil Baby with a designer bag full of honey buns and money along with a Richard Millie designer watch. Lil Baby would caption the video, “Don’t Play With Him How the f*cc I get a bag full of honey buns with a honey bun an a Richard Millie !! Mannn @jharden13 brooooo wtf !! An I’m drunk.” Check it out below: