Today is the day that many have been waiting on. After a 15 year grudge, Gucci Mane and Jeezy, will finally face each other head on tonight on the #Verzuz platform. The already competitive stage will be a little bit more competitive tonight. Tension is in the air due to the history between these two and many are wondering will it end without a scuffle.

Ahead of the battle Gucci has been taunting Jeezy on social media. We don’t know if this is a ploy to bring in viewers and sell a fight or if the tension between these two are still thick. Though, Gucci Mane did mock Jeezy’s Recession 2 album cover yesterday. Earlier in the week he even reposted a meme to his Instagram laughing at the 2005 killing of Jeezy’s friend Pookie Loc. Who was obviously killed by Gucci Mane in a botched robbery attempt.

Now Jeezy is responding to the memes in a recent interview ahead of the battle. Jeezy would state why he was doing the #Verzuz battle against Gucci Mane stating, “The benefit is being able to do it on the platform like that like #Verzuz because it’s about the music – to some extent. That’s apart of that time period, that era. I’ma stand on what I believe in, my music is real life to me. So I know the fans and the people that love me and support what I do, they know where I’m at with it. I’m bringing that thug motivation, for sure.”

A reporter would go on to mention the memes Gucci has been posting and ask if the event could be cordial tonight. Jeezy would simply respond, “I guess we gotta wait and see. That’s fair?”

Check out the clip below: